”The Life Saving Second Chance”

When it comes to life, we all know that we got one and the decision we took here is a just one-way path. Whether it’s right or wrong. It doesn’t actually matter sometimes when we took some wrong steps but there’s one time that comes when we actually regret to take a decision. The decision can be anything. It can be related to work, Personal life or public life & when you take a decision it stays with you the rest of life you have by cheering you or by taunting you. Life specifies its cards to us in different ways and our decision is one of them. Taking the wrong decision sometimes prove tough to us & we scared to give a life a second chance. But life is about one way or one try. It’s about trying and winning no matter how many times you fail…

1.What Happens When We Do Mistakes

When we do mistakes a certain feeling knocks to out subconscious mind letting us know we have done something terribly wrong. It feels like we were climbing to the Everest and all of a sudden our leg slipped and fall from the cliff.

second chance

2.Regret Or Realization?

When something went wrong and you feel a certain change in you. That’s the moment of difficulty you have to pass through with lots of courage and that’s the time you choose whether you will lag behind or move forward. Regret is something which is very easy to raise and it’s not like that you will never feel it but instead let it come to you and pass you real quick. What should be raised is realization. The sense that what you have done wrong and what should have done there. Giving a new idea to it and make it more powerful than before is what realization do and regret is always the part that keeps you hidden from the chance you were looking for.Now you have to decide regret or realization?