Build Up A Rememberable Resolution

Every year, at the end of the time everyone tries to gather up all their efforts and make a statement with it. Which we call “Resolution” and decide up that the next year I will be doing a nice job more than this. But trust me, it won’t actually goes with the plan. Life is a bumpy road where you always should’ve to tie up your seat belt. Cause what you imagine & what that happens is really opposite. You can’t pull up all your story from the very beginning of your journey cause that’s a start. You will need time to get smoothen with it.



Why telling all this because Every year, someone tries to start from very beginning which is a great thing but forget the starting is always the hardest & then fell in depression all those months & after spending 11 months of the year just with depression and negativity, he came to know that he actually learnt a lot from the year. Cause, pain, negativity also teaches us a lot of important things that happiness can’t teach. Everything has its part to play.