What “Addiction Of Opinion” Do To You (Motivation)

When it comes to “Addiction” it means you are enslaved to a particular substance or some activity. It’s not a good thing when we come to its impact cause the word itself has a negative meaning. Even we include addiction to the nicest things this world has it will end up bad. We get this stuff in lots of terms and one of the terms are getting addicted to the thoughts of others. People are socialized & what socialize include is how people see you. How do they think of you & some matters they also decide what you should do. You also believe them & do that to fit in. That’s part where you go wrong and every single path of your life changes.

Addiction Of “What They Will Say”

Trust me this is the one that starts to destroy you. When you were born, you came with something called originality. Something that seeded inside you just to grow up in your soil.
No one has that. It only remains yours forever. But if you show this originality to people who will distract you from your path and try to grow harvest in your soil with their seeds, that’s the moment when you start to destroy. Every person in this world has their freedom to choose what they want to become. What they want to do with originality & how to impact the whole world with it. But most of them get into the trap of “what others will say”. It makes a mindset that you have a circle & as much as you try you can’t get out of it. This is what this thing does to you.