Life Is Not The Dominator But You Are (Life Hustle)

We actually had but the excuse of not enough holding us not to be happy. We think life is dominating but we realize that after some time that the wheel was in our hand all the time. Going back to that conversation with my sister, she told me that life is not going well these days and I told her nothing is better than today.Maybe what you have today won’t be there with you tomorrow.
Believe it or not, If I stand 5 more years ahead from today I will tell myself that today was the best day of my life. That’s the harsh reality that we don’t make the space for today and then after 5 years, we make space for past. Silly us. Life is just not a good guide for you cause the creation don’t give leads to the creator but the creator is the one who gave it. I’m not telling you that you can completely rule it but if you have 80% of the thing that’s in your hand wouldn’t you try to make an impact from it? Ask yourself. Dominate the 80%.


How to dominate?

The first tip is to ask yourself.
2. Create the moment don’t wait for it.
3. Find the happiness of today.
Every single day has something good in it.
4. Have a positive mindset.
5. Make things complete with your space of happiness. Increase it every day.