Life Is Not The Dominator But You Are (Life Hustle)

When it comes to life, we all blame it for what it does to us every day. We complain that why bad things happen to us and why not the good. We give responsibility to live to be better and forget one thing we always miss from our list and that’s “making the space”. The space that life has given you. Well, it can be small. it can be greater than small or It can be enormous. Depending what’s the situation.


When it comes to the definition of ”Life” I get this the most strong definition of all time. They say, if life was a pinball and we leave it in an up and down way, it will ones go down and then up but if we leave it in a straight way it will not even move but will fall from the runway. So, learn how to maintain the speed in that up and down way cause, you can also fall if you speed up more than the limit. So drive down there carefully.
Trust me in one more thing. Me and elder sister were talking yesterday that how things
were in the past and how we spend it. Remembering those ers the best thing to do but does it
means back then we didn’t have problems?