Stay Happy, Stay Who You Are

It's not for saying or consoling you for your situation. Don't take my words as motivation cause what I'm saying is the life which is real and which is not...

Cheat your fear Win your goal.

Who am I? I still find myself every day in a mirror which gives an exact reflection of myself but still he gives no answer to me cause we...

Build Up A Rememberable Resolution

Every year, at the end of the time everyone tries to gather up all their efforts and make a statement with it. Which we call "Resolution" and decide up...

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Its all about the choices you make

Its All About The Choices You Make (Yes or No?)

Whenever someone asks you a question, first you try to answer it by yes or no.Basically, its the root answer. Do you want it or not? Do...
5-Encouraging-Thoughts-For-Leading-The -ay

5 Encouraging Thoughts For Leading The Way

Every single day starts with new hope, some new thoughts, and these new thoughts are always encouraging us. But when the day starts with...

What “Addiction Of Opinion” Do To You (Motivation)

When it comes to "Addiction" it means you are enslaved to a particular substance or some activity. It's not a good thing when we...