The First Investment Of Efforts

The First Investment Of Efforts (The Classics Of Investment)

People are always great at something when it's new to them. They try it with their full heart & complete it without any doubts. The purity of their efforts...
State mind

The State Of Mind & Vision

Every individual has a vision which doesn't match with one another. This vision actually helps that man to move on with. There's hard work, there's enthusiasm but without any...

Change Is A Key Element.

Almost everything has its root. A root which contains its originality and all the other kinds of stuff which never fades away no matter what time it goes through....

Break The Illusion Cause Life & Happiness Is Waiting.

Sometimes what happens with the flow of time, we don't actually want it to happen.Life is just a bi**h place to stay and in here we face difficulty in...

Trust Your Journey & Hustle harder

It's you and only you around you. Seeing a lot of people around you right? but still, you are all your own after so many hands are there to pick...

Love Your Dream Job. Don’t Listen To Others.

Why do you see someone with your narrow view? Do you know, how much it pains when the person stick up with one thing day and night & all they...

Stay Happy, Stay Who You Are

It's not for saying or consoling you for your situation. Don't take my words as motivation cause what I'm saying is the life which is real and which is not...

Cheat your fear Win your goal.

Who am I? I still find myself every day in a mirror which gives an exact reflection of myself but still he gives no answer to me cause we...

Build Up A Rememberable Resolution

Every year, at the end of the time everyone tries to gather up all their efforts and make a statement with it. Which we call "Resolution" and decide up...

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