5 Encouraging Thoughts For Leading The Way

Every single day starts with new hope, some new thoughts, and these new thoughts are always encouraging us. But when the day starts with gloominess, all the new hopes, and encouragements fades away. The day starts with negativity. All you feel is the end of everything & lose your self-believe and that leads you to a horrible day. To get over it you think of something & we are here to find that something easier for you. To fade all the discouragement you got the full day. Continue reading the full post & I assure, you will find encouraging words in every line. So, here’s the number 1.

1. Happiness Is Always Greater Than Sadness

When you face a situation that hurts you and feel you don’t know how to face it. Always think of this quote,

“There are counted happy memories but every one of them is equal to uncounted sad memories”

Life doesn’t play good to you every time and most of the time you spent here go through how to actually overcome the problem & get the happiness. But when the happiness finally arrives you forget all the sorrows you were surrounding for so long. The amount of happiness you get in life maybe not so much but it’s so powerful that it can make you forget all the bad happenings. So, wait for the those counted happiness.


2.  Encouraging Your Vision

Every person got their own goals and desires. I am sure you also have one. But have you ever asked yourself how strong that desire is? How bad you want it? Maybe not & that’s why when you go after something and fail, you start to give up on it. Which actually reveals how much you want it. They Say,

“Your vision should be so clear that others can see it reflecting from you.”

That’s how you have to want it. When people will see you fail, they will mock you. But your desire should be so powerful that when you look back to them, they feel the vide inside you and a force that will move them and make their mouth shut & silently encouraging them to be a good man.